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File Transfer Schema

 digraph "Example: Server-to-Server File Transfer" {

edge [color="#31CEF0"];

source_server [label="Data Source (sFTP)"];
target_server  [label="Data Target (FTP)"];
yade_client  [label="YADE Client \n API \n JITL Job"];
yade_config [label="YADE Configuration"];

source_server->target_server [label="data transfer"];
source_server->yade_client  [dir=both label="commands" color="grey"];
source_server->yade_client  [dir=both label="polling" color="blue"];
yade_client->target_server  [dir=both label="commands"  color="grey"];
yade_config->yade_client [color="green"];


Configuration Example

A profile definition for Server-to-Server File Transfer, from SFTP to FTP:


The include parameter will include the named profile snippets in the order they are defined. The globals profile is included automatically, no need to specifiy it in an include parameter.
The profiles have to be defined in the same settings file.

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