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  • Events

    • Events are tokens that are created on-the-fly to signal execution results of jobs. 
    • Events are represented by a hexagon. An event has the following states:
      • Exist - If the event exists then the background color changes to grey and the border style depends on two factors:
        • Solid border → if the event is created by a job in the current Job Stream
        • Dotted Border → if the event is used by some other created by a job in another Job Stream than the current.
      • Not Exist - If the event does not exist then the background color is white.
  • Out Conditions

    • Out Conditions include a number of Expressions that are evaluated after job execution and that result in true or false. If an Expression results in true then according to the Event List (Create Event or Delete Event) it creates and/or deletes the events. If the Expression result is false then it puts on hold further execution of the job stream if these Events are used by In Conditions of successor jobs. 
    • Out Conditions are represented by right inclined parallelograms with grey background color. The border color changes to green if the Expression results to true. The text color of the Expression also changes to green and black if the respective part of the Expression result is true or false.


  • Off-Page-Connector

    • The Off-Page-Connector is an icon which is used to show the reference whether the defined In Condition or Out Condition is from the same Job Stream or is from whether there is a reference to another Job Stream then the current. The icon is represented by a pentagon at the top right corner of the In Condition or Out Condition.
    • The Off-Page-Connector is displayed for an
      • In Condition → if the Out Condition a Out Condition that is not part of the current job stream creates an event that is consumed by an expression in an In Condition the In Condition.
      • Out Condition → if a In Condition that is not part of the current job stream .Out Condition → if the In Condition consumes an event that is created by an the Out Condition that is not part of the current job stream.