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  • If the Master successfully re-connects to the Agent within the grace period then
    • running tasks will be continued and completed by the Agent.
    • the task status and execution result will be reported to the Master.
  • In case of reconciliation the task status, log information and execution result are available for the Master and are visible with JOC.

Continue Tasks


during longer Network Outages

  • Longer network timeouts are considered the duration of a few minutes and longer.
  • This needs a configuration with increased values for Heartbeat Timeout and Heartbeat Period with the Process Class that is assigned the job.
    • The Agent should get a long Heartbeat Timeout (longer than the assumed network outage).
    • Heartbeat Period should also have a higher value than by default, since every failed connection attempt is logged by the Master and thus the protocol becomes unnecessarily large.
    • Example
      • To cover a 2 hours's network outage with the Master contacting the Agent every 2 minutes specify: heartbeat_timeout="7200" heartbeat_period="120"
      • Higher values than this are accepted. Please consider that the Heartbeat Period specifies the duration after which the result, e.g. the job execution history, is available with the Master. Higher values therefore delay delivery of the job execution history.