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There are OpenSSH distributions available for Windows. We have had some positive experiences with copSSH. This article describes how to set-up the free version of copssh.

However, all OpenSSH distributions are based on cygwin, so you won't find a standard Windows shell with the expected environment variables when logging on by SSH. Here's how you can modify your copSSH installation in order to get that environment:

  • Download and install copSSH
  • Download
  • Extract both files into the bin directory of your copSSH installation.
  • If necessary, adjust the WINDOWS path in (cygdrive is correct, that's where the Windows filesystem is mounted in cywin)
  • Run "COPSSH->Activate a User" from the Windows Start Menu.
  • Choose the user you want to active for SSH access and enter /bin/ as command shell. Attention: You do not have this option in the combobox but you have to type this manually.

When you now log in as this user by SSH, you will automatically have a Windows shell and the user's own environment variables.

With this you are now able to setup a JITL SSH Job and execute Windows commands with SSH.

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