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Difference Between Scope of Events up to release 1.13.3 and from release 1.13.4

If the <eventA> is created in JobStreamA then it is possible to use <eventA> in In Condition of JobStreamB with release1.13.3. But it is not possible to execute JobStreamB with In Condition <eventsA>(event from JobStreamA) with release 1.13.4. you need to define the reference of JobStreamA in In Condition of JobStreamB. e.g <jobstreamA.eventA> because with release 1.13.4 session is introduced and with every run of JobStream new instance of Job Stream is created called session.

The events are accessible for today. So, in a JobStreamA if the jobA creates an event called <eventA> at 23:55 and jobB with In Condition <eventA> run at 00:05(next day) as a successor of jobA will evaluate to true and run successful with the release 1.13.4 and false with release 1.13.3 as the events are not created today.   

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