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Mail problem: SCHEDULER-320 could not send mail (is 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for ...)

The SMTP server does not send mail to external addresses such as

(i.e. addresses outside the company network) with the information:

 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for <nowiki></nowiki> 

and rejects such mails. In addition, mails are not sent to other recipients.

The error message is:

 18 11:59:52.261     5 12030.F7E406D0 JavaMail Send smtp= to="<nowiki></nowiki>, 
   <nowiki></nowiki>" subject="ERROR SCHEDULER-279 Process terminated with signal 9 (SIGKILL Kill, 
 18 11:59:52.442   181 12030.F7E406D0 [xc.insert 1, "javax.mail.SendFailedException"]
 18 11:59:52.442     0 12030.F7E406D0 [xc.insert 2, "Invalid Addresses
 18 11:59:52.442     0 12030.F7E406D0 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for <nowiki></nowiki>
 18 11:59:52.442     0 12030.F7E406D0 "]
 18 11:59:52.442     0 12030.F7E406D0 [xc.insert 3, "send"]

Unfortunately, the error message is not to be found in the task log because the task has already been completed and sending mail is an asynchroneous JobScheduler process.

A possible reason for this error could be the fact that access parameters for the mail server have not been added to the file factory.ini:

 mail.smtp.user          =
 mail.smtp.password      =
 mail.smtp.port          = 25
  • User and password have to be valid for the SMTP server.
  • If this does not work then ask your mail server administrator why a mail with this address were rejected by the server. You will find more information about why a server can reject mail and protocol this message in


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