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  • SOS is open to Change Requests from users of its software products..
    • Users can suggest Change Requests at any time using public resources, see Support Resources.
    • Customers can ask for consideration of Change Requests for specific releases.
  • SOS accepts Bug Reports from users of its software products.
  • Planning and tracking of Change Requests and Bug Reports is performed by SOS.




  • Definition
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    • For SOS products we distinguish between the following types of Changes:
      • Changes in the Software (Features, Improvements, Bug-fixes): such Changes are subject to the Change Management Process and require communication with SOS in order to be implemented.
      • Changes in the product configuration: such Changes might not require any support from SOS if the know how is in-house with the user. This type of Changes is not subject to a Change Management Process but is handled within the scope of Configuration Management.
  • Resources

Change Requests / Bug Reports

  • Definition
    • Change Request is a formal Request for Change of an SOS product by a user. The requested change can be a new feature or an improvement.
    • Bug Reports are created if the behavior of SOS software products is different from its documentation.
  • Resources
    • Change Requests and Bug Reports are added by users using public Support Resources.
    • Change Requests and Bug Reports are added by customers using the private SOS Ticket System.

Change Proposals

  • Definition
    • A Change Proposal is a joint document that is accepted by both the user/customer and by SOS and that is added to the public Change Management System.
    • Change Requests
      • Change Proposals are based on requirements, therefore they are the result of a Requirements Management Process.
      • Change Proposals specify the functionality of a Change, for example what functionality a new feature will provide, not how the feature will be implemented.
      • Change Proposals include an estimate of effort by SOS.
    • Bug Reports
      • Change Proposals are targeted at re-establishing the functionality as specified with the documentation.
  • Resources

Change Management Process

  • Change Requests and Bug Reports can be submitted at any time by users and by customers:
    • Users
      • can submit Change Requests and Bug Reports using our public Support Resources and
      • will receive a feedback either by the community or by SOS.
    • Customers
      • can add Change Requests and Bug Reports to the private SOS Ticket System and 
      • will receive a review of their request/report by the SOS Support Team and
      • will receive a release assignment for accepted Change Requests and Bug Reports.
  • Change Requests and Bug Reports are subject to a workflow that includes steps for
  • Triage
    • The nature of a Change Proposal being a Change Request or a Bug Report is decided on by SOS when completing the specification of the Change Proposal.
    • For Bug Reports the following policy applies:
      • Bugs are immediately analyzed to identify the scope and risk related to a problem.
      • Bug-fixes are added to the next maintenance release of any software product branches under maintenance.
      • In rare cases a bug-fix can be denied for an LTS maintenance release should the bug-fix require a change that breaks compatibility or that exceeds the scope acceptable for modifying source code of LTS releases.
    • For Change Requests the following policy applies:
      • Change Requests are specified to a Change Proposal that is agreed on between the user/customer and SOS.
      • The following options apply when deciding about implementation of a Change:
        • If the Change Request is related to a vulnerability then SOS will apply the Change with the next available release.
        • If the Change Request is voted for by users/customers and if a substantial number of votes becomes apparent then SOS will assign the Change Request a future release.
        • If the Change Request is paid by a customer then the customer can decide about assignment to a release.
        • If none of the above applies then the Change Request remains in place for future community feedback but is not assigned a release.
  • Implementation

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