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  • No major features are introduced, this release includes exclusively bug-fixes and minor features that are designed to be free from side effects.
  • This release includes bug-fixes starting from Release 1.12.0
  • For additional information see our Release Policies


Key T Sub-Tasks Linked Issues Fix Version/s P Summary Status Resolution
YADE-537 Feature 1.12.9, 2.0 Minor Binary Key file support for KeePass version 2 with Credential Store Released Duplicate
YADE-536 Fix 1.12.9 Major YADE GetList with Create_Order ends with a NullPointer Exception Released Fixed
SET-169 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Factory.ini should contain the setting max_db_errors=0 Released Fixed
SET-168 Fix 1.12.9 Minor "-data-directory" option should be considered when starting the Agent in a docker Released Fixed
SET-167 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Agent startscript should use waitfor.exe instead of sleep.exe Released Fixed
SET-166 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Error in processing Oracle database files while updating JobScheduler Released Fixed
SET-165 Fix JOC-650 1.12.9 Minor Provide alter script for MySQL and MS SQL Server documentation table to alter charset to allow unicode characters Released Fixed
JS-1842 Feature 1.12.9 Major JobScheduler Master should support database access with Java 12 Dismissed Won't Fix
JS-1841 Feature 1.12.9 Minor Remove unsupported Java 9 options Released Fixed
JS-1839 Feature JS-1751 1.12.9 Minor The ${} directory should be configurable from ./bin/ script Dismissed Works as designed
JS-1838 Fix 1.12.9 Major JNA library 4.4.0 causes error GLIBC_2.14 not found during installation on CentOS 6.x Released Fixed
JS-1837 Feature JS-1312 , JITL-522 1.12.9 Major Send e-mail notifications via JobScheduler Monitoring Interface Released Fixed
JS-1836 Fix 1.12.9 Minor JobScheduler moves Order to the start node in the job chain when changing JobChain configuration file Released Fixed
JS-1834 Fix JS-856 1.10.12, 1.12.9 Major Orders waiting in a stopped node or suspended orders are not reset to initial state after a JobScheduler restart. Released Fixed
JS-1832 Fix 1.12.9 Major JOC Cockpit loses its connection to the Master API Dismissed Won't Fix
JS-1831 Feature 1.12.9 Minor The main log should no longer contain task and order logs. Released Fixed
JS-1830 Fix JS-1830 1.12.9 Blocker Agent fails all the tasks when more than five tasks are run at a time Released Fixed
JS-1827 Fix 1.12.9 Major master/api/job?return=JocOrderStatistics&isDistributed=false does not work when job chain is removed Released Fixed
JS-1826 Fix 1.12.9 Major Task history shows wrong start time Released Fixed
JS-1823 Fix 1.10.12, 1.12.9 Major JobScheduler consumes 100% of CPU after an error in File Access Dismissed Cannot Reproduce
JS-1819 Fix JITL-522 1.12.9 Major E-Mail sent due to "warn_if_shorter_than" event should contain job name and task ID Released Fixed
JS-1810 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Agent start script should not require console acknowledgement Dismissed Bogus
JOE-285 Fix 1.10.12, 1.12.9 Minor When adding a new job chain node in JOE the <on_return_code> section should always be empty Released Fixed
JOC-703 Fix 1.12.9 Minor "About JobScheduler" popup window is not working from Login Page Released Fixed
JOC-702 Fix JOC-692 1.12.9 Minor JOC Cockpit does not show the task history in the jobs view when then name of the job contains a space Dismissed Duplicate
JOC-698 Fix 1.12.9 Minor JOC Cockpit throws "JOCMissingRequiredParameterException" when we import JSON file for calendar again after canceling it once Released Fixed
JOC-697 Fix JOC-693 1.12.9 Minor When importing a json file with more than one calendars, the calendars will be shown as often as calendars are defined in the import file Dismissed Duplicate
JOC-696 Fix 1.12.9 Minor JOC Cockpit should support diacritics, e.g. Umlauts, in passwords Released Fixed
JOC-695 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Import Calendar should reflect allowed extensions for the import file Released Fixed
JOC-694 Fix 1.12.9 Blocker When removing all frequencies from a calendar all orders that are using this calendar will be refreshed endlessly Released Fixed
JOC-693 Fix JOC-697 1.12.9 Minor When we Import the JSON file for Calendar the calendars are added multiple times Released Fixed
JOC-692 Fix JOC-702 1.12.9 Minor "Task History" in Jobs View is not displayed when the job name contains a blank Released Fixed
JOC-691 Fix JITL-553 1.12.9 Major When JobScheduler is down and a JobChain will be renamed the new name is not reflected in JOC Released Fixed
JOC-690 Feature 1.12.9 Major JOC Cockpit should support hashed passwords for keyStorePassword, keyManagerPassword, and trustStorePassword Dismissed Works as designed
JOC-689 Fix 1.12.9 Minor If the AddOrderEvent is called after selecting process state then the filter is not applied Released Fixed
JOC-688 Fix 1.12.9 Minor The Filter in Orders view is not applied when we switch back from Advance Search Released Fixed
JOC-687 Fix 1.12.9 Minor "Access denied" displayed on Dashboard view when permissions do not contain order:view:status Released Fixed
JOC-686 Feature 1.12.9 Minor The tool tip window on JOC Cockpit dashboard should contain complete JobScheduler URL Released Fixed
JOC-685 Fix 1.12.9 Major ./events api should raise an error if the database session cannot be opened Released Fixed
JOC-684 Fix JOC-597 1.12.9 Minor Counts miss-match in the Pie Chart view of Dashboard's Overview section Released Works as designed
JOC-683 Fix 1.12.9 Minor The pop-up windows displays even after the JOC Cockpit Session timeout Released Fixed
JOC-682 Feature JOC-706 1.12.9 Minor Manage Agent Cluster configuration Released Fixed
JOC-681 Feature 1.12.9 Minor Suppress views by configuration Released Fixed
JOC-680 Fix JOC-568 1.12.9 Minor Log View window should not grow in size when using Chrome browser. Released Fixed
JOC-679 Feature 1.12.9 Minor Improve Job Chain Details view Released Fixed
JOC-678 Feature 1.12.9 Minor Make visible the source that suspended an Order or stopped a Job Released Fixed
JOC-677 Feature 1.12.9 Minor Permissions for Calendar folders Released Fixed
JOC-676 Feature 1.12.9 Minor Improve Log Window usability Released Fixed
JOC-675 Fix JS-1833 1.12.9 Minor JOC throws the error "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.ArithmeticException: long overflow" when Agent process class limit is reached and an Order in setback tries to start a new task Released Fixed
JOC-674 Feature 1.12.9 Minor Add yellow menu bar color to "light" theme Released Fixed
JOC-673 Fix 1.12.9 Major Duplicate entries in Orders Overview view task history Released Fixed
JOC-672 Fix 1.12.9 Minor JOC may throw an "ConcurrentModificationException" during login Approved Fixed
JOC-671 Feature 1.12.9 Minor Adding a documention to a calendar throws a "value too large for column" exception Dismissed Cannot Reproduce
JOC-669 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Clicking the value of Tasks in the widget Task Overview has no effect Released Fixed
JOC-668 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Tasks are not shown when clicking widget Released Fixed
JOC-667 Fix JITL-545 1.12.9 Minor "Process class" does not displays in the Job chains view for the individual jobs in a job chain Released Fixed
JOC-666 Fix 1.12.9, 2.0 Major Update jackson-databind version to 2.9.8 due to vulnerability issues in jackson (CVE-2018-19360, CVE-2018-19362, CVE-2018-19361, CVE-2018-14720, CVE-2018-14721, CVE-2018-14719, CVE-2018-14718, CVE-2018-7489) Released Fixed
JOC-665 Fix 1.12.9 Minor No data is displayed when we search for a job in "Search in result" and switch to another view and come back Released Fixed
JOC-662 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Incorrect position of close button for "Search in Result" in JOC Released Fixed
JOC-661 Fix JOC-586 , JOC-574 1.12.9 Minor The Task history in the job chain view sometime does not show all entries Released Fixed
JOC-659 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Looping representation is not implemented in graphical view of any Job Chain in JOC Cockpit Dismissed Won't Fix
JOC-658 Fix JITL-541 1.12.9 Minor "UnknownJob" is displayed in place of Job name in the Task History of Job Chains view Released Fixed
JOC-657 Fix 1.12.9 Minor In Job Chain tab, previous Job chain history is visible when we switch to next Job Chain Released Fixed
JOC-656 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Log files does not show Logs in JOC Cockpit with Internet Explorer 11 Released Fixed
JOC-655 Fix 1.12.9 Minor JOC Cockpit hangs when switching from one JobScheduler Master to another Released Fixed
JOC-653 Fix JOC-512 1.12.9 Minor Advanced Search in Audit Log view should consider the profile parameter "Max. number of Audit Log entries" Released Fixed
JOC-652 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Job Chain's Show Job Chain Details view displays overlapping job boxes Released Fixed
JOC-651 Fix 1.12.9 Major Running permanent orders are not shown in JOC Cockpit Released Fixed
JOC-650 Fix SET-165 1.12.9 Minor A document should be imported successfully even it has arbitrary UTF-8 letters in its filename Released Fixed
JOC-649 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Vertical scrolling for the Tree View in Resources Tabs is not reliable Released Fixed
JITL-557 Fix 1.12.9 Major InventoryPlugin - Initial Configuration Process Should Not Stop If An Error Occurs Released Fixed
JITL-556 Fix 1.12.9 Major JobScheduler Passive Cluster InventoryPlugin does not update inventory tables Resolved Fixed
JITL-554 Feature YADE-464 , JITL-473 1.12.9, 2.0 Minor Binary Key file support for KeePass version 2 with Credential Store Released Fixed
JITL-553 Feature JOC-691 1.12.9 Minor Introduce new CustomEvent for InventoryPlugin signaling that initial DB processing at JobScheduler start is finished Released Fixed
JITL-551 Fix 1.12.9 Minor JOC throws DBMissingDataException when Inventory does not reflect added objects Dismissed Works as designed
JITL-550 Fix JS-1682 1.12.9 Minor JobSchedulerAdapter should implement IMonitor_impl Released Fixed
JITL-549 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Plugin throws error "duplicate key value violates unique constraint "scheduler_mn_uniq" Released Fixed
JITL-547 Fix 1.12.9 Major Missing notifications when job/job chain is monitored by System Monitor Released Fixed
JITL-546 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Improve logging of commands and information about the OS in the SSH Job Released Fixed
JITL-545 Fix JOC-667 1.12.9 Major Inventory plugin should check during insert a process class if it is assigned to jobs and updates the jobs if necessary Released Fixed
JITL-544 Fix JITL-530 1.12.9 Major The event controlled part of the Inventory should be started even if the daily plan raises an error Released Fixed
JITL-543 Feature JITL-542 1.12.9 Minor The JITL Job SOSMailProcessInboxJSAdapterClass should can filter with fromName Released Fixed
JITL-541 Fix JOC-658 1.12.9 Minor Inventory does not update the JobChain node job info when a job was renamed Released Fixed
JITL-540 Feature 1.12.9 Minor JobSchedulerRestClient.executeRestServiceCommand should accept a string for url Released Fixed
JITL-539 Feature 1.12.9 Minor Method addHeader in JobSchedulerRestClient should be static Released Fixed
JITL-537 Fix 1.12.9 Minor JITL Job JobSchedulerStartLatecomers does not report late jobs from the past Dismissed Works as designed
JITL-536 Fix 1.10.12, 1.12.9 Minor SSH Job does not show stdout output in case of exit <> 0 Released Fixed
JITL-535 Fix 1.12.9 Minor Inventory does not work when there is a job without a script Released Fixed
JITL-522 Feature JS-1837 , JS-1819 1.12.9 Major Report jobs to the JobScheduler Monitoring Interface that run shorter/longer than expected Released Fixed


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