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  • No major features are introduced, this release includes exclusively bug-fixes and minor features that are designed to be free from side effects.
  • This release includes bug-fixes starting from Release 1.12.0
  • For additional information see our Release Policies


Key T Sub-Tasks Linked Issues Fix Version/s P Summary Status Resolution
YADE-535 Fix YADE-529 1.12.8 Major YADE4DMZ throws a null pointer exception when running standalone Released Fixed
SET-164 Feature 1.12.8 Minor Update SystemMonitorNotification sample file Released Fixed
SET-163 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Script should be executable Released Fixed
SET-162 Fix 1.12.8 Major Some SQL scripts that modify database object raise an exception Released Fixed
SET-161 Feature JOC-458 1.12.8 Minor The Setup should import the SOS Job Documentation to be available for JOC Cockpit Released Fixed
SET-160 Fix 1.12.8 Major should consider the http port Released Fixed
SET-159 Feature 1.12.8 Minor JOC Cockpit setup should start service on demand only Released Fixed
SET-158 Feature 1.12.8 Minor cleanup scripts should have an exit code != 0 in case of an error Released Fixed
SET-157 Feature 1.12.8 Minor Start script of JOC's Jetty Web Server should consider JAVA_HOME environment variable Released Fixed
JS-1824 Feature JS-1820 1.12.8 Minor Agent script should be customizable not to terminate or kill tasks Released Fixed
JS-1822 Feature JITL-527 1.12.8 Major The JobScheduler schema has to be extended to allow calendar information to be stored with the configuration XML files Released Fixed
JS-1821 Fix JOC-607 1.12.8 Minor When a Task is rejected by an agent due to a licensing issue the Agent URL is missing in the Scheduler History Table Released Fixed
JS-1820 Feature JS-1824 , JS-1815 1.12.8 Minor Agent script should be customizable to terminate tasks before killing tasks Released Fixed
JS-1816 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Setup should not remove log files from ./logs folder Released Fixed
JS-1815 Fix JS-1820 1.12.8 Major script does not work for child processes Released Fixed
JS-1809 Fix 1.9.14, 1.10.11, 1.12.8 Minor Update Spring Framework core to Version >= 4.3.17 due to vulnerability issues in Spring Framework (CVE-2015-0201, CVE-2015-3192, CVE-2015-5211, CVE-2016-5007, CVE-2018-1257, CVE-2018-1270, CVE-2018-1272, CVE-2018-1275) Released Fixed
JS-1806 Fix 1.12.8 Major SCHEDULER_HISTORY should always be written at the point in time when a task starts Released Fixed
JS-1787 Fix 1.12.8 Major Fail-over in a backup cluster should work even when order configuration files do not have the same modification date Dismissed Won't Fix
JOE-283 Fix 1.10.11, 1.12.8 Minor Options Tab View in JOE's Jobs View should be scrollable Released Fixed
JOE-282 Fix 1.12.8 Minor JOE does not show files when connecting with FTPS Released Fixed
JOC-647 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Occasionally error occur when Login to JOC Cockpit Released Fixed
JOC-646 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Master Cluster status widget in JOC Cockit hangs on restarting Supervisor services Released Fixed
JOC-645 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Using an updated version of JOC Cockpit requires to manually clear the browser cache Released Fixed
JOC-644 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Clickable area in History entry Released Fixed
JOC-643 Fix 1.12.8 Minor In Audit Log Job Chain and Order ID are not displayed Released Fixed
JOC-642 Fix 1.12.8 Major Wrong preview in Set Run-time operation Released Fixed
JOC-641 Fix 1.12.8 Major Wrong preview for the Daily Plan Released Fixed
JOC-639 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Customization name updating gets failed after editing Released Fixed
JOC-638 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Individual Job Chain view does not auto-size properly Released Fixed
JOC-637 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Checkbox "Log Enabled" gets automatically enabled Released Fixed
JOC-636 Fix 1.12.8 Minor In Job Chain View Order's "Next Start Time" should always be displayed Dismissed Works as designed
JOC-635 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Order start time displays incorrect value Released Fixed
JOC-634 Fix 1.12.8 Blocker Error in Entry Positioning in History Tab After a Newly Run Order is Added Released Fixed
JOC-633 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Dashboard widgets are not saved after editing Released Fixed
JOC-632 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Column "Last Update Time" in Agent Cluster View displays the wrong time. Released Fixed
JOC-631 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Agent Cluster View should show all Agents even if the Master is down Released Fixed
JOC-630 Feature 1.12.8 Minor Add "Search in Results" to Resources Sub-Views Released Fixed
JOC-629 Fix JITL-530 1.12.8 Minor Jobs view with "All Job Types" and "Pending" filter combination does not show standalone jobs in status "Pending" Dismissed Duplicate
JOC-628 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Adding restrictions to run-times when a restriction is already assigned does not work Dismissed Works as designed
JOC-627 Fix 1.12.8 Minor The DailyPlan advanced search should allow regular expressions for job, job chain and order-ID when interval is outside the planned time Released Fixed
JOC-626 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Daily Plan Advanced Search with regular expression outside of the interval available in the database does not match jobs Released Fixed
JOC-625 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Assigning a Calendar to an Order with existing Run-time throws exception JavaArrayOutOfBound Dismissed Cannot Reproduce
JOC-624 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Advanced Search "Save As Customization" operation fails for relative dates if field "Process executed" has wrong input Released Fixed
JOC-623 Feature 1.12.8 Minor Log Window shows debug messages when not selected Released Fixed
JOC-622 Feature 1.12.8 Minor When switching between Job Chain Detail View and Job Chain View the text filter field should not be deleted Released Fixed
JOC-621 Fix JOC-240 1.12.8 Minor Wrong date is displayed for which the Advanced Search for the Daily Plan is available Released Fixed
JOC-620 Fix JOC-468 1.12.8 Major Full text editing of the main section in "Manage Accounts" function does not work Released Fixed
JOC-618 Fix JITL-526 1.12.8 Minor Agent Clusters view should display hostname Released Fixed
JOC-617 Fix 1.12.8 Major The request to the ./report/agents API should consider the "Current JobScheduler" checkbox in the right way Released Fixed
JOC-616 Fix 1.12.8 Minor JOC Cockpit hangs when switching to "Job Chain Detail View" Released Fixed
JOC-615 Fix JOC-409 1.12.8 Minor JOC Cockpit often throws the exception "JOC-409 Read Time Out" Released Fixed
JOC-614 Fix 1.12.8 Minor JOC Cockpit Setup should not drop all files from ./bin folder Released Fixed
JOC-613 Fix 1.12.8 Minor JOC Cockpit does not work with Internet Explorer 11 Released Fixed
JOC-612 Fix 1.12.8 Minor The Master Cluster Status widget is broken when using a passive cluster with Supervisor Released Fixed
JOC-611 Fix 1.12.8 Minor JOC Cockpit Job Chain Details view shows overlapping job boxes Released Fixed
JOC-610 Fix 1.12.8 Minor JOC Cockpit should compress JavaScript files to improve performance Released Fixed
JOC-609 Fix 1.12.8 Minor History search in JOC does not work with 08:00am to 08:00 pm Released Fixed
JOC-608 Feature 1.12.8 Minor Compact Views in JOC Released Fixed
JOC-607 Feature JS-1821 1.12.8 Minor JOC Cockpit should report distinct Agent Job Executions per day Released Fixed
JOC-606 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Remove JobScheduler Master from Inventory does not refresh list of JobSchedulers Released Fixed
JOC-605 Fix 1.12.8 Minor JOC API ./api//jobscheduler/commands when called from CURL returns malformed xml response Released Fixed
JOC-604 Fix 1.12.8 Major Columns should be quoted in all SQL statements according the current JPA syntax Released Fixed
JOC-603 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Setting "Log Enabled" Checkbox in Logging Configuration is broken Released Fixed
JOC-602 Fix 1.12.8 Minor ./events api should collect Order and Job events for all cluster members of an active cluster related to distributed job chains Released Fixed
JOC-458 Feature SET-161 , JITL-528 1.12.8 Major Support externally created documentation Released Fixed
JITL-542 Fix JITL-543 1.12.8 Minor Job SOSMailProcessInboxJSAdapterClass does not work when create_order=true Resolved Fixed
JITL-531 Fix JITL-488 1.12.8 Minor JobScheduler Monitoring Interface should ignore File Sink Released Fixed
JITL-530 Fix JOC-629 , JITL-544 1.12.8 Major Inventory does not reflect added/removed objects Released Fixed
JITL-528 Feature JOC-458 1.12.8 Minor InventoryPlugin should recognize assigned SOS Job Documentation in JobScheduler Objects on Startup and on Job related FileBasedEvents Released Fixed
JITL-527 Fix JS-1822 , JOC-502 1.12.8 Major When copying/moving a job or an order then all assigned calendars are removed Released Fixed
JITL-526 Fix JOC-618 1.12.8 Minor JobScheduler Inventory plugin does not create INVENTORY_AGENT_INSTANCES records Dismissed Works as designed
JITL-525 Feature 1.12.8 Minor Remove job chain for access tokens in live/sos/rest Released Fixed
JITL-524 Feature 1.12.8 Major Checks like ....After in JITL Job checkHistory do not work Released Fixed
JITL-523 Feature 1.12.8 Minor CheckHistory Job should work without AccessToken pre-processing Monitor Released Fixed
JITL-521 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Inventory Plugin throws error in a Passive Cluster with Supervisor Released Fixed
JITL-520 Fix 1.12.8 Major Unable to acquire JDBC Connection in Inventory Plugin Dismissed Cannot Reproduce
JITL-519 Fix 1.12.8 Major The Inventory plug-in should send an "InventoryEventUpdateFinished" event always with a key that contains the type and the path of the processed object Released Fixed
JITL-517 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Supervisor relation is not considered by Inventory Dismissed Works as designed
JITL-516 Fix JITL-485 1.10.11, 1.12.8 Major Notification sometimes does not notify errors when order is suspended Released Fixed
JITL-515 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Action "remove" in JITL Job JobSchedulerEventJob does not work Released Fixed
JITL-514 Fix 1.12.8 Major The CheckHistory Job does not get a valid access token Released Fixed
JITL-513 Fix 1.12.8 Major Updates for the Daily Plan and inventory for JOC Cockpit fail when a period interval end/start for a job or order is used Released Fixed
JITL-512 Fix 1.12.8 Minor Removing Logback Support Released Fixed
JITL-498 Feature 1.12.8 Minor The REPORTING_EXECUTIONS table of the reporting database should provide the order history id information Released Fixed


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