Platform Support

JobScheduler is used with three components that can be operated with their respective platforms:

  • JobScheduler Master: Windows, Linux
  • JobScheduler Universal Agent: Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS, ... and any other platform that supports a Java Virtual Machine
  • Database: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Platform Strategy

  • Platform-dependent JobScheduler Master
    • What it is about
      • At the time of writing the Master is technically based on C++ and Java code. The C++ code is platform dependent and is designed to cover specific platform requirements.
      • Such requirements include that specific versions of system libraries are available and that the required libraries and software packages are available in compatible versions.
      • This results in the fact that platform compatibility depends on specifc operating system versions, system library versions and software package versions. Therefore platform-specific code requires individual releases to be provided for each platform and individual operating system release.
    • Why we focus JobScheduler Master releases to Windows and Linux
      • The simple reason is: effort. 
      • We apply unit testing, integration testing and system testing for Windows and Linux platforms as these count to approx. 80% of the downloads for the JobScheduler product.
      • Extending support to possibly three additional Solaris® releases, two HP-UX® releases and three AIX® releases (just to name a few common Unixes) would consume some considerable effort that would not be applied to improve the product but to maintain compatibility of binary versions of the software for the specific operating systems.
      • We decided not to create, test and ship binary versions for all Unixes, but to restrict this to Linux, in order to add more capacity on bug-fixing and feature development.
    • What it means for operating system compatibility
      • We do not say that a JobScheduler Master cannot run for Solaris. We are saying that we will not ship a binary version for Solaris.
      • Users of the Open Source License are free to build the JobScheduler Master for any platform. We provide detailed Build Instructions for Windows and Linux. The instructions for Linux should be easily adaptable for other Unixes.
      • Customers of the Commercial License have to check with SOS if their build of the JobScheduler Master for platforms different from Windows and Linux are accepted for ongoing support.
        • SOS will not accept obligations for support if sources have been individually modified.
        • SOS will accept obligations for support if the customer provides the required engineering know how to build binaries from sources for the specific platform and provides reasonable expertise for platform-specific parts of the software.
  • Platform-independent JobScheduler Universal Agent
    • The Agent is designed from scratch for platform-independence and includes no platform requirements except for a Java Virtual Machine.
    • Due to the software design there is no limitation to platforms.

More Information

For detailed information on operating systems versions, releases and the product life cycle see: