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  • Release Type: General Availability Release
    • Branch 2.x introduces a major release that brings a number of changes that are not compatible with the 1.x branch.
  • Release Date: presumably Sep 2020

Release 2.0 will come as a separate product with the brand JS7 JobScheduler. It will be available in parallel to JobScheduler 1.x for around two years. 

We strive for continuity in our release planning. Therefore development for JobScheduler 1.x will continue and will introduce new features such as job streams and the migration of the JOE Job Editor and the XML Editor.

With the first release of JobScheduler 2.0 a limited set of features will be available that is intended for new users of the product who aim at high performance in larger scheduling environments. Users of JobScheduler 1.x are recommended to stick to ongoing releases of this branch until full feature compatibility of branch 2.0 and respective migration utilities become available.

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