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Communication to and from the Universal Agent goes over an HTTP connection which is established by JobScheduler Master.

This HTTP connection is used for

  • all commands from the Master to the agent
    • starting jobs
    • killing jobs
    • subscribing for file watching
  • all data sent from the agent to JobScheduler Master
    • API calls (logging...)
    • file watching notifications

Data sent from an agent task to JobScheduler Master is first sent to the JobScheduler Universal Agent main process, which then forwards the data through the existing HTTP connection back to JobScheduler Master.


  • Communication between JobScheduler Master and Agent is initiated by the Master only and is restricted to the port that is specified for the HTTP connection.
  • Secure HTTPS Communication is available in addition to the use of HTTP connections.
  • Communication between JobScheduler Master instances for remote execution make use of a number of ports in both directions, see How to configure remote execution.


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