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  • The JobScheduler Universal Agent is operated with a Java Virtual Machine starting. The Synology NAS should support
    • Java SE Embedded 8 (JRE) or a newer version.
  • The JobScheduler Universal Agent is pure Java, therefore no further requirements concerning operating system or architecture apply.

Installing Java and the JobScheduler Universal Agent

Running the JobScheduler Universal Agent

Starting the Universal Agent manually

  • The Agent can be started manually by running the start script from the bin sub-directory:
    ./ start
  • The Agent is stopped accordingly with
    ./ stop

Running the Universal Agent as a Daemon

To make the Universal Agent run on start-up of the Synology NAS follow these steps:

  • Copy the start script to /usr/syno/etc/rc.d
    • A different target directory might be used depending on the version of the Synology NAS.
  • Prefix the name of the start script like this
    • This will make the Universal Agent 
      • start after other services are up and running. 
      • terminate before other services are stopped.
  • Check that the the start script is executable.
  • Set the following environment variables in the start script:
      • This variable points to the installation directory of the Universal Agent.
      • This variable is not required when running the start script from the bin folder of the Universal Agent installation directory.
      • This variable points to the Java installation directory.
      • This variable is required should Java not be available in the PATH when the daemon is started.

To check if the Universal Agent is up and running

  • In your browser open the URL http://<diskstation>:4445//jobscheduler/agent/api/ 
    • <diskstation>: is the hostname of your Synology NAS.
    • 4445: is the port that the Universal Agent is listening for. The port number can be freely assigned when starting the Universal Agent.
  • In response you should receive a page with text information about the Universal Agent release, start time, running tasks etc.

Should the Universal Agent not be started then check the log file from the ./logs folder of the installation directory.


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