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This job allows e-mails and their attachments arriving at an in-box to be automatically processed and to be used a basis for generating orders for further Job Chains. In addition, this job can also be used as a pre-processor for other automated mail and attachment processing.  

Article Scope

The reference documentation for the  SOSMailProcessInBox Job with detailed parameter descriptions is available online and in the JobScheduler installation ./jobs sub-folder. The current article 

E-mail Processing Job

This Job carries out the following:

  1. Access an e-mail inbox:
    • Polling is not recursive - sub-folders of the inbox are not polled.
    • Access parameters
      • ParameterCommentOptionsDefaultExample
        mail_port  110 
        mail_passwordstored as plain text   
        mail_server_type IMAP, POP3POP3 
        mail_server_timeoutmilliseconds 0 (no timeout) 
  2. Filter e-mails for matches:
    • Only unread e-mails are considered.
    • All e-mails matched are marked as being read.
    • Filter parameters:
      • ParameterCommentOptionsDefaultExample
        mail_message_foldercsv INBOX 
        mail_subject_filtermatches stringstring-TestMail_01
        mail_subject_patternmatches regex -TestMail_\d\d
        mail_body_patternmatches regex   
        min_age 0, secs, hrs:mins, hrs:mins:secs  
        mail_use_seen true, falsetrue 
  3. Carry out one or more actions one after the other:
    • Possible actions are:
      • ParameterCommentOptionsDefaultExample
        mail_actioncsvdump, order, command, delete, copy_attachments_to_file   
      • dump: save the content of the e-mail as a file located in mail_directory_name.
        relevant if copy_mail_to_file = false (default is true).
      • order: an order will be generated for each mail
        relevant if create_order = false.
      • command: the body of the e-mail will be used as a command.
      • delete: the email will be deleted.
      • copy_attachments_to_file:
        relevant if copy_attachments_to_file = false (default value).

  4. Save the e-mails found to files when the mail_action parameter is set to dump:
    • E-mails found are written as files to a directory.
      • Parameters:

        copy_mail_to_filealternative to mail_action = dumptrue, falsetrue 
        mail_directory_name   D:\_AA\_demo\mails
        max_mails_to_process  200000 
  5. Process any e-mail attachments:
    • When an e-mail with an attachment is found:
      • The attachment is moved to a directory:
        • Parameters:
          • ParameterCommentOptionsDefaultExample
            copy_attachments_to_filealternative to mail_action = copy_attachments_to_filetrue, falsefalse 
            attachment_file_name_pattern \${subject}, \${filename}, \${messageId}\${subject}_\${filename} 
            attachment_directory_namerequires: mail_action or copy_attachments_to_file  D:\_AA\_demo\mails
      • This directory can also be monitored with, for example, a File Order Source
  6. Generate an Order for another Job Chain:
    • Parameters:
      • ParameterCommentOptionsDefaultExample
        create_orderalternative to mail_action = ordertrue, falsefalse 
    • The following parameters will be generated from the parameters of the original e-mail:
      • "mail_from": sender of mail
      • "mail_from_name"
      • "mail_message_id": message id of mail
      • "mail_subject": the subject
      • "mail_body": the body
      • "mail_send_at": date of sending the mail

      • the file name
      • the subject of the mail
      • the sender
      • the mail received date
  7. Post-process the mail (optional):
    • Parameters:

      after_process_email markAsRead, delete, move,copymarkAsRead 
      after_process_email_directory_name   email:INBOX/subfolder_in

Example Job

Example Job
<job  title="Process email incoming box" order="no" name="ProcessMail">

    <description >
        <include  file="jobs/SOSMailProcessInbox.xml"/>

    <params >
        <param  name="mail_host" value=""/>
        <param  name="mail_port" value="993"/>
        <param  name="mail_user" value="myUser"/>
        <param  name="mail_password" value="********Ü"/>
        <param  name="mail_ssl" value="true"/>
        <param  name="mail_server_timeout" value="30000"/>
        <param  name="mail_subject_filter" value="string2search"/>
        <param  name="copy_mail_to_file" value="true"/>
        <param  name="mail_dump_dir" value="c:/temp/mails"/>
        <param  name="process_attachments" value="true"/>
        <param  name="attachement_directory_name" value="c:/temp/attachment"/>
        <param  name="max_mails_to_process" value="20000"/>
        <param  name="after_process_email" value="copy"/>
        <param  name="after_process_email_directory_name" value="email:INBOX/test"/>
        <param  name="mail_server_type" value="IMAP"/>
        <param  name="attachment_file_name_pattern" value="\${subject}_\${filename}"/>

    <script  language="java" java_class="com.sos.jitl.mailprocessor.SOSMailProcessInboxJSAdapterClass"/>

    <run_time />

Provision of E-mails as JavaScript Objects

JavaScript can be used to retrieve an e-mail as a JavaScript object once the mail has been saved as a file by the SOSMailProcessInBox job. The individual parts of the mail can then further automatically processed as required.

SOSEmailObject email = getEmailObject(var filename) -

  • String email.getSubject()
  • String email.getAttachmentFilename
  • String email.getReceipient
  • String email.getBody()
  • String email.getReturnAddress
  • String email.get
  • ....

Example Job Retrieving E-Mail Message

Here is an example job which retrieves an e-mail message file as a JavaScript object and logs individual properties of the message.

Example Job
<job  enabled="yes" stop_on_error="no">
    <script  language="java:javascript">
function spooler_process(){

var message = com.sos.jitl.mailprocessor.SOSFileToMailProcessor.getMessage("C:/temp/mails/10f7-5b35e680-71-456fb280@195509842");"Subject: " + message.getSubject());;"To:" + message.getFirstToRecipient());"To:" +message.getToRecipient(0));"To:" +message.getRecipient("TO", 0));"CC:" + message.getFirstCCRecipient());"BCC:" + message.getFirstBCCRecipient());"From Address:" + message.getFromAddress());"From Name:" + message.getFromName());"Content-Type:" + message.getHeaderValue("content-type"));"Message Id: " + message.getMessageId());"Date:" + message.getSentDate().toLocaleString());"Attachment Count:" + message.getSosMailAttachmentsCount());;
	return false;
    <run_time />

The ...

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