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Description of JobSchedulerCanWrite - check whether a file is writable

Checks whether one or more files can be written including check of file exist.

Parameter used by JobSchedulerCanWrite

Parameter: file

file or directory supports masks for substitution in the file name and directory name with format strings that are enclosed by [ and ] . The following format strings are supported:

  • date format date format must be a valid Java data format string, e.g. yyyyMMddHHmmss , yyyy-MM-dd.HHmmss etc. Example: <param name="file" value"sample/helloyyyyMMdd.txt" /> On 2050-12-31 the parameter file contains the value "sample/hello20501231.txt" .

Supports substitution of job parameter names with their value if the job parameter name is enclosed by %  and  % .
Example: <param name="file" value"%scheduler_file_path%" />
During the job runtime the parameter file contains the value of the job parameter scheduler_file_path . Using Directory Monitoring with File Orders the job parameter scheduler_file_path contains automatically the path of the file that triggered the order.
This parameter is mandatory.

Parameter: file_spec

Regular Expression for file filtering. The behaviour is CASE_INSENSITIVE.
Only effective if the parameter file is a directory.

Parameter: gracious

Enables or disables error messages that are caused by a nonexistent file or directory being specified with the parameters file and respectively file_spec .
Valid values: true, 1, on, yes, y, ja, j, all and false, 0, off, no, n, nein, none
The following rules apply when used with orders:

  • If the value all is specified for this parameter, then an order will be continued in its job chain regardless of whether any files could be copied or not
  • If the value true or any other positive value is specified, then the order will not be continued in its job chain if it has not been possible to copy any files.

The default value for this parameter is false.

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