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Change Management Issue JS-1253 - Getting issue details... STATUS  


  • Passed Test Case
    • Starting Situation
      • A nested job chain has three nodes A, B and C
      • Node A and C use the same sub job chain
    • Action
      • Add an order i.e. Main_Order to the nested job chain
      • Open JOC, righ click on the order Main_Order and start now
    • Behavior
      • Order Main_Order will start at two nodes i.e. Node A and Node C,since  the same job chain is assigned to both of the nodes.
  • Explanation
    • A nested job chain contains other job chains as nodes, so for an order submitted to a nested job chain, the state is ideally a sub job chain.
    • Each job chain has its own order queue thus an order submitted to the top level job chain would appear at the same time in the included identical job chain and all the nodes will start simultaneously.


  • In a nested job chain the same job chain should be re-usable


  • The workaround is to create multiple copies of the job chain with different names. The same jobs can be used for the copy of the job chain, therefore this workaround does not create any considerable overhead.


  • This issue will not be fixed. The behavior of job chains works as expected. The workaround can easily be applied.


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