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If you start JOE (./bin/ on Unix and you get an error like

Can't load library: /tmp/swtlib-32/

then a library is missing that is required by


This should make visible which libraries are missing.

Output Example:

Install the missing libraries and try it again.

org.eclipse.swt.SWTError: No more handles [gtk_init_check() failed]

gtk_init_check() fails if it cannot open a socket to the X Server.

We know two situations in which the connection to the X Server fails:

  1. You want to start JOE from Windows via SSH
    • The X11 tunnel is not established
      For example if you use PuTTy then the X11 forwarding is per default off. Navigate in the PuTTy connection settings to Connection->SSH->X11 and activate the checkbox "Enable X11 forwarding".
    • A local X server is not started
      For example you can install Xming as local X server for Windows.
  2. You want to start JOE from Ubuntu 16.04 with installed X server libraries via SSH
    • It seems the SSH client has errors. Install the SSH client again