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You are waiting for some files in different folders. When the file arrives, a job should be started. When all files have arrived, another job should be startet.

One job chain with a file order source for each file. Each file order source is assigned to another node in the job chain. Each node has the file sink as successor. That will perform a job when an files arrives and the the file will be moved to another folder.

Another job chain with a node for each file. These nodes have the FileExist job. When the file exists the next file will be waiting for. When all files arrived the files will be deleted. Another job will be executed which should be performed when all files arrived.

You can download the example configuration files here:
To execute the example you need the directories

  1. C:\temp\SampleFiles\A
  2. C:\temp\SampleFiles\B
  3. C:\temp\SampleFiles\C
  4. C:\temp\SampleFiles\FilesExecuted

Put fileA to A, fileB to B, fileC to C

Executing a job when all files arrived

Waiting for files. Executing a job per file

Start waiting for all files

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