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JobScheduler provides an XSD schema that documents the available elements and attributes of the XML Interface:

  • the XML commands
  • the configuration of JobScheduler objects such as jobs, job chains, orders
  • the configuration of the JobScheduler start-up file ./config/scheduler.xml

The XSD Schema is located at ./config/scheduler.xsd.

Usage Patterns

JobScheduler and JOE

  • JobScheduler itself uses the XSD schema to validate input from configuration files and from the XML interface.
  • JOE validates configuration files on start-up and when content is being saved.

Customer applications

  • Individual customer applications make use of the XML Interface in order to e.g.
    • add orders for job chains,
    • start jobs and orders.
  • Example
    • An application or database trigger could use the XML Interface to send a command such as

      <add_order job_chain="my_folder/my_job_chain" at="now+60">
          <param name="reminder_date" value="2014-11-21"/>
  • Such applications can use the XSD schema to validate commands before sending them to JobScheduler.





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