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Please read first the article How to operate JobScheduler with Jetty for general information.

You can use the Jetty of the JobScheduler for your own application.

  • We assume we have an application in /home/[jobscheduler_user]/my_app which calls a java servlet via ajax with ./myappservlet?some=query.
  • We assume the Java servlet class is and it is complied in

The following steps are necessary to call the application by


where [scheduler_host] and [jobscheduler_jetty_port] have to substitute with the hostname and the jetty port of the JobScheduler.

  • Put the my_app.jar into the JobScheduler java class path
    • Create a folder my_app in the JobScheduler ./lib directory and store the in this new folder.
    • Open the ./config/factory.ini and add the to the class path
  • Add the following servlet elements to the ./config/web.xml (where [scheduler_user] have to substitute with the username of the JobScheduler).
  • Restart the JobScheduler and call