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How do I completely stop a job in the event of an error?

We do not normally recommend stopping a job in error when the job is in a job chain. This is particularly true if the job is used in multiple chains. The reason for this is that the reasons for errors usually lie in the order parameters. That means that the job could still run with other orders and other parameters.

We recommend stopping the order instead of stopping the job. When you set "on error suspend" for the node then the order will be suspended and remain at the node (suspended is here just another word for stopped").

If you want to stop the whole chain when an error occurs, you could do this by skipping all nodes. Note that you also can stop the job chain using the command in JOC in the job chain menu.

Resetting orders

Orders can be reset. When an order is suspended (stopped) and is reset, the next start time will be calculated and the order will go to its initial state.

File orders

Note that file orders cannot be deleted in the event of an error because this means that the file will be deleted. This is not normally wanted and for this reason we do not have this function in the JOC interface.

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