In the sample below there are two different approaches described how you can start jobs on a file event.

Using a file order source

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The job chain job_chain_file_order_source has a file order source watching for files in c:\temp\input with the file name extension .txt. When a file arrives, an order for the job chain will be created. The file will be removed at the end of the job chain by the file sink node(s).

  • Orders can not have additional parameters.
  • Order processing starts when the file is detected, not after the file is completely written.


Using JITL Job JobSchedulerExistsFile

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The job chain job_chain_file_order_source_poll uses the job JobSchedulerExistsFile to check, whether a file is in c:\temp\input ending with .pdf. If so, for each file found, an order will be created for the job chain job_chain_file_order_source. The file will be removed by the sinks in the job chain.

  • The created order has the same parameters as the polling order
  • The first step in the job chain checks, whether the file is completly written.

Please note, that you can mix file_order_source and JobSchedulerExistsFile by using JobSchedulerExistsFile in the first node to check, whether the file has been completly written.

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