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The Windows JobScheduler is installed as a Windows service with the local system account.

The service has the name sos_scheduler_[scheduler_id] where the [scheduler_id] was set during the setup.

If you open the Windows services dialog (services.msc) then you find the JobScheduler service with the title SOS JobScheduler -id=[scheduler_id].

Start/Stop the JobScheduler service

You have multiple options to start/stop the JobScheduler service. You need elevated administrator permissions to start the service.

  • using shortcuts in the start menu:

     "SOS JobScheduler -> -id=[scheduler_id] -> Start service"
     "SOS JobScheduler -> -id=[scheduler_id] -> Stop service"
  • using JobScheduler start script (./bin/jobscheduler.cmd):

    • the JobScheduler start script calls the net.exe and asks for elevated administrator permissions if you start the JobScheduler service

    • the JobScheduler start script calls the JobScheduler command <modify_spooler cmd='terminate'/> to stop itself open a Command Prompt

       > bin\jobscheduler.cmd start_service
       > bin\jobscheduler.cmd stop
  • using Windows services dialog:

    • select the service SOS JobScheduler -id=[scheduler_id] and use the function start or stop in the context menu

  • using net.exe:

    • open a _Command Prompt_ with elevated administrator permissions

       > net.exe start sos_scheduler_[scheduler_id]
       > net.exe stop sos_scheduler_[scheduler_id]
  • using sc.exe:

    • open a _Command Prompt_ with elevated administrator permissions

       > sc.exe start sos_scheduler_[scheduler_id]
       > sc.exe stop sos_scheduler_[scheduler_id]
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