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If you have installed a JobScheduler then JOE finds the live folder of the JobScheduler automatically.

If you want to start JOE with another specific live folder because you have changed the location of the live folder or you use a standalone installation of JOE then you can set the live folder since release 1.5.3253 in the ./user_bin/jobeditor_environment_variables.(sh|cmd). For this rename the ./user_bin/jobeditor_environment_variables.(sh|cmd)-example to ./user_bin/jobeditor_environment_variables.(sh|cmd).

Example Unix


Example Windows

  set SCHEDULER_HOT_FOLDER=C:\path\to\another\live-folder

On Windows you use also UNC paths.

Another way to set a specific live folder is to create a shortcut with the following command:

Example Windows

  cmd /C "set SCHEDULER_HOT_FOLDER="C:\path\to\another\live-folder" & "C:\installpath\of\joe\bin\jobeditor.cmd""

The shortcuts are useful if you edit multiple JobScheduler with one JOE.

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