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The JobScheduler Information Dashboard (JID) starts with the script:

  • $SCHEDULER_HOME/bin/ (Unix)
  • $SCHEDULER_HOME\bin\dashboard.cmd (Windows)

This script should not be changed because the changes after a JobScheduler Update may have been lost.
If environment variables (e.g. $JAVA_HOME) need to be adjusted, then please put them in a file:

  • $SCHEDULER_HOME/user_bin/ (Unix)
  • $SCHEDULER_HOME\user_bin\dashboard_environment_variables.cmd (Windows)

You can use the file:

  • $SCHEDULER_HOME/user_bin/ (Unix)
  • $SCHEDULER_HOME\user_bin\dashboard_environment_variables.cmd-example (Windows)

as a template.

$SCHEDULER_HOME/user_bin/ must be executable on Unix.

Example (Unix) - Set Java memory usage:

  # ...
  JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xms512m -Xmx512m"

Example (Unix) - Enabling Tabs:

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