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Question: What is required (e.g. scripts, etc.) to run a batch program?

Shell Scripts

Most of our users use shell scripts. These can be either Windows or Unix shell scripts. It is possible to pass variables from JobScheduler to the shell script and from the shell script back to JobScheduler. In this way, for example, values can be transferred from one step of a job chain to the next or to all following steps. Error detection is done by checking the exit code of the script.


Another more powerful way to create jobs is to write Java classes (or Javascript, Perl, VBScript, PowerShell etc) and let these classes or programs be executed by JobSchedueler. Using this method means it is possible to use all the methods of JobScheduler's API Interface. All our JITL - JobScheduler Integrated Template Library jobs, for example, are implemented as Java classes. Using a programming language instead of a shell script makes it possible to use external APIs of applications more efficiently.

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