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You can configure that a job is stopped after an error.

Once the job has been stopped it will not start again when specified in its run time / schedule.

It must first be unstopped before it will starts at the next start time specified in its schedule.

For this you have the Unstop function in the job menu in JOC (JobScheduler Operations Center).


'Consider the following exit5 job which throws an error.

Further it has a schedule to start every 10 minutes.

In XML the ./config/live/example/exit5.job.xml file will look like:

 <job stop_on_error="no">
     <script language="shell">
 exit 5
         <period absolute_repeat="00:10" begin="00:00" end="24:00"/>

When the job is stopped you can reschedule it to use the unstop function in JOC:

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