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Adding documentation links to job titles

Links can be added to job titles.
These are mainly intended to be used to provide a convenient link to job documentation.

Such links can be added in (JOE - JobScheduler Object Editor) as shown in the screenshot below, which shows a simple HTTP link:


In JOC - JobScheduler Operations Center this link will then look like this:

The following conditions have to be met before a title containing an URL will be shown in JOC:

  • The URL has to start with "http://", "https://" or "www.".
  • The URL has to end with a space or the title itself has to end with the URL.
  • Punctuation marks are allowed after an URL.
  • More than one link is possible.

Links can also be placed in "a" tags as shown in the following examples:

Example 1

Open JOE and type the following text in the title field of a job:

 - see the <a href="">Locks</a> article


JOC will now show the following title for the job:

Example 2: Links to documentation within the SCHEDULER_DATA directory

JOC knows a virtual directory ./scheduler_data/jobs, which points to the jobs folder in the JobScheduler's working directory. JOC will automatically link to files in this folder.

  1. Custom Documentation Files
    JOC will link to custom documentation files in a sub-directory the jobs folder.
    The following example shows the XML code to link to a test1.html file in a my_job_descriptions subfolder.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
       <job title="test <a href="./scheduler_data/jobs/my_job_descriptions/test1.html">docu</a>" stop_on_error="yes" order="no">
       <script language="shell"><![CDATA[
            env # "Print the environment"
  2. JITL Job Documentation Files
    Copies of the documentation of all JITL jobs are provided in the ./scheduler_data/jobs, and the following code will link to the documentation of the JobSchedulerCheckRunHistory job:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
       <job title="test <a href="./scheduler_data/jobs/JobSchedulerCheckRunHistory.xml">JobSchedulerCheckRunHistory</a>" stop_on_error="yes" order="no">
       <script language="shell"><![CDATA[


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