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Use of commands

  • The <show_jobs> command shows an outdated behaviour, it is not recognizing the subfolders of the hot folder and therefore the subfolders are not included with the xml response of this command.
  • The <show_state> command is more intelligent. With this command you can request folders and subfolders in a more performant way.

Examples for commands

will return all jobs in all folders. The structure of the response xml will reflect the structure of the folders.

To receive just the first level of a folder structure use this command:

This will result in an xml response with all folders and files of the first level of the hot folder.

To receive the structure of a subfolder, e.g. with name oh, use the following command:

This has been tested to work for a JobScheduler release

Example for use with a Java class

See the following example how to use the SOSJobSchedulerModel package:

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