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To reflect changes that are made in a parameters file that is included within a job, the file must be located in the live folder and must be inserted with the live_file attribute.

Job with external parameter file

 <job idle_timeout="0" order="yes" process_class="/CE_MAINTENANCE" stop_on_error="no" tasks="1"
    title="[CE] This job removes all records in the tables SCHEDULER_HISTORY, SCHEDULER_ORDER_HISTORY,
    DAYS_SCHEDULE, SOS_FTP_FILES which are older than the value of the parameter
    delete_history_interval" visible="yes">
       <include live_file="CleanupHistoryConfig.xml"/>
    <script java_class="com.sos.jitl.housekeeping.cleanupdb.JobSchedulerCleanupSchedulerDbJSAdapterClass" language="java"/>
    <script java_class="gts.prisma.service.batch.common.LogInfoMonitor" language="java"/>

The reason for this behaviour is the location of your parameter file:

  • The JobScheduler watches objects (i.e. files) in the live folder.
  • If a file, e.g. an included file, is changed, then all other objects using this file will also be reloaded and updated.
  • Changes made to an include file will not be recognized if the included file is not located in the live folder as JobScheduler does not watch folders outside the live folder.

If you create a link in the live folder to the external parameter file then this should work as you expected.

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