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A job diagram viewer is available with JobScheduler. This viewer uses the graphviz dot command line tool to generate the graphs which are then displayed in JOE - JobScheduler Object Editor:

Feature Availability


Enabling Job Diagram for JOE

To enable the job diagram viewer, please install the graphviz dot command line tool:

  • Graphviz can be downloaded from:
  • To check whether dot it is correctly installed, open a command shell and type: dot -?
    • This command should show the usage for dot

    • If this did not work for you yet, please add the path to the Graphviz binaries into your PATH (environment variable).

  • Hint: if dot is not available then JOE writes the value false to JavaSoft/Prefs/com/sos/joe/globals/options/properties/com.sos.joe.globals.options./Options/

Diagram View

The job diagram viewer is located in the job chain nodes form in a separate tab. Also selecting a job chain shows the job chain diagram in the job chain form.

The diagram below shows a typical job chain:


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