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if you configure your own e-mail job to be called in specific situations (e.g. when specific errors occur) then you can use the JobSchedulerManagedMailJob standard job-

Your job could then look like this:

 <job title = "Send Mail" order = "no">
        <param name="to" value="<mail_adress>" />
        <param name="from" value="<mail_adress>" />
        <param name="subject" value="this is my mail" />
        <param name="host" value="<smtp_server>" />
        <param name="queue_directory" value="c:\temp\smtp" />
        <param name="body" value="this is my body" />
    <script language="java" java_class="sos.scheduler.managed.JobSchedulerManagedMailJob">

You can add your own text for the body. Additional parameters for attachments are available.

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