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Use the attribute configuration_directory in ./config/scheduler.xml

   <config mail_xslt_stylesheet="config/scheduler_mail.xsl" 

By setting the attribute configuration_directory of the config element you can specify a folder for the configuration of the jobs, job chains, orders, schedules etc.. The default setting is the live directory, which itself is to be found in the same directory as the configuration file ./config/scheduler.xml.
See also here for further information.

Alternatively you can use the command line option -configuration-directory.

 > ./bin/ start -configuration-directory="/path/to/another/live/folder" 

Usage with multiple live folders

It is not possible to configure multiple live folders but you can use symlinks in the live folder so that a subfolder of live pointed to another.

For example, if you have job configurations in /mnt/other_host/live/ then you can add it to the live folder like this:

  > cd ./config/live
  > ln -s /mnt/other_host/live/ live_on_other_host

In this case you have a subfolder live_on_other_host in live that contains all objects from /mnt/other_host/live/.


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