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Starting a job chain from within a running job chain and handing over parameters programmatically can be effected with the following steps.


The start of additional job chains can be configured within the current job chain configuration, see How to configure workflow control by return code handling. The below information is intended for users who want to apply scripting for an individual solution.

Create a job CallJobChain

configuration of the CallJobChain job  Expand source

Create a synchronization job with the name sync

Configuration of the sync job  Expand source

Create a job chain JobchainSampleChainNext with some nodes and add a node with a synchronization job

Configuration of the job chain JobchainSampleChainNext  Expand source

Create a job chain sampleNestedJobChain

One node is assigned to CallJobChain. This node sets the parameter execute_jobchain to the value JobchainSampleChainNext. The synchronization job is the succesor of this node.

Configuration of the job chain sampleNestedJobChain  Expand source