• This documentation explains how to download and compile the sources for YADE.
  • The sources have to be downloaded from the Git Repositories at
  • Additional tools will be referenced in this documentation if required to compile the sources.


The prerequisites and additional tools required for compiling YADE are the same ones as for compiling JobScheduler, see Build JobScheduler Engine - Prerequisites

Download from the Source Repositories

Prepare a folder in your file system, where you can clone the repositories to. In order to compile YADE, you have to compile all three projects at least once before you can compile YADE on its own. This is necessary for the YADE build to be able to resolve its dependencies from your local maven repository.

In order to do that, you have to first clone the three repositories, as explained in Download from the Source Repositories.

Building the Projects

Preparation and build order

After having cloned the repositories, you can build the projects. Before that, you need to download some libraries that are required for the Build process, see Preparation.

Now you should be able to build the projects (as explained in Build order), so that afterwards you are able to build just YADE.

For building the YADE project, follow these instructions:

Compile JADE

In case you just wanted to compile YADE, switch to the folder you have downloaded the all/jade project to, which looks somewhat like C:\MY_GIT_REPOS\all\jade or /home/MY_ACCOUNT/MY_GIT_REPOS/all/jade

Type mvn clean install on the command line for building the project including all internal tests - these are tests developed by SOS that check different functionalities of the compiled sources. If these tests are not relevant for you, compile it the following way: mvn clean install -DskipTests.

Generated libraries location

After the build has completed you find all created .jar files in

  1. the target folder under each project and subproject.
  2. the local ./m2 repository in your home folder (%USERPROFILE%\.m2\repository\com\sos-berlin or$HOME/.m2/repository/com/sos-berlin)

At this point you already have all the library files to update an exisiting YADE installation in your system.


You can find here the information related to support for the different license types.


In case you got errors when building YADE, please see the common errors documented in Troubleshooting