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Problem: There are two job chains on different servers. After a step in job chain A a job chain B should start on an another server. job chain A should be continued after job chain B is finished.

Solution: This will be implemented with a Jitl-Job on server A to start the order on B. Then the order will be suspended. The suspended order will be release by an modify order command coming from server B.

The order on server B will be startet with JITL Job RemoteExec. The new order will have the order id and the job chain of the order, that starts the job. After starting the job a suspend job will be executed to let the order wait.

The job chain B executes an xml command for server A to release the waiting job. This will be done using the commandfile.


To start the example install A and B on two servers. Specify the host and port of server A in the job execXml. Specify the host and port for scheduler on server B in the parameters of job RemoteExex. Add an order in job_chain1 on server A

Configuration of job chain on server A
XML Configuration files:

Configuration of job chain on server B
XML Configuration files:

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