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We need to be able to define a repeat job that does not go beyond a specific date, i.e. does not repeat forever


  • I would like a job that would repeat until, say, 01/01/2013.


First of all, you should work with schedules. Schedules are run_times that have a name and can be referenced from jobs or orders.

  • Create a NeverRun schedule which has a single start in the past, so it will never run:

    (Note that you can also find this code in the NeverRun.schedule.xml file in our download.)

  • Assign this schedule to your job or order: edit the runtime parameter and remove everything until you just have <run_time schedule="NeverRun"/>.

  • Now the trick is that you can replace schedules with other schedules for a certain period. This means you can create a repeat schedule which will replace the NeverRun schedule until 01/01/2013:

    (You can also find this code in our download, this time in the Repeat.schedule.xml file.)