YADE Profiles

  • A file transfer profile is a collection of parameters, e.g. source_host, target_host, file_spec etc. There is a terrific number of parameters in YADE that can combined with each other depending upon protocol etc.
  • Profiles can be added to a central settings file called jade_settings.ini file. Profiles defined in the settings file can refer to other profile fragements using the include keyword

Example of a settings file with profiles

Example profile to copy files from local host to target host using SFTP
 file_notification_to      = admin@example.com
 file_notification_subject = YADE Client mail
 file_notification_body    = This is a test.
 mail_smtp                 = mail.example.com
 BackgroundServiceHost     = 8of9.sos
 BackgroundServicePort     = 4210
 SendTransferHistory       = true
 TransferMethod            = TCP

 log_filename      = ${basedir}/jade_history.log
 HistoryFileName   = ${basedir}/jade_history.csv

 include           = MailSettings , JADEHistory, BackgroundService
 title             = Global Profile
 basedir           = C:\sos-berlin.com\jade

 user            = kb
 password        = *****
 ssh_auth_method = password
 host            = wilma.sos
 protocol        = sftp
 port            = 22

 user            = test
 password        = *****
 host            = 8of9.sos
 protocol        = ftp
 port            = 21

 ;; This is comment
 operation       = copy
 source_dir      = ${local_dir}
 source_include  = wilma
 target_dir      = ${remote_dir}
 target_include  = 8of9.sos
 file_spec       = ^\.txt$

Referencing settings files and profiles

To use this profile from the command line you would type:

jade.sh -settings=name-of-your-configuration-file -profile=copy_from_sftp_server

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