The YADE getlist operation enable user to list all the files matching with file_spec parameter from source directory. The getlist operation creates a local file list file as specified in the result_set_filename parameter.


WebDAV getlist support is subject to the following issues:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Feature Version Compatibility Matrix


1.5.4041+YESthis feature has bug but work around available YADE-293 - Getting issue details... STATUS
1.6.4075+YESthis feature has bug, but work around available YADE-293 - Getting issue details... STATUS
1.9-RC1YESimproved functionality,new banner, file list on stdoutNA
1.10PLANEDimproved functionality, file attributes e.g. file size etc YADE-266 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Workaround to avoid bug YADE-293

To avoid the bug  YADE-293 - Getting issue details... STATUS  set parameter force_files=false in YADE profile or from command line.


Example Profile For Getlist Over WebDAV With Proxy

Profile : getlist_webdav_to_localhost_with_proxy
file_spec              = ^.*$
operation              = getlist
result_set_filename    = c:\__temp\getlist-output.txt
create_result_set      = true
source_protocol        = webdav
source_host            =
source_port            = 443
source_user            = sos_media
source_password        = qanN9UCH9eYUzHr2
source_ssh_auth_method = url
source_dir             = /home/test/outbound
source_proxy_host        = homer.sos
source_proxy_user        = proxy_user
source_proxy_port        = 2525
source_proxy_password    = rug2vYaF7qNP

Operation Getlist output

The YADE operation GetList create two local result files. The result file's name and location can be configured by parameter  result_set_filename. Since during a GetList operation there are no "current file(s)" therefore YADE creates two files;

  1. output-file 
    • This file contains list of files present at the source_dir including the path of each file.
  2. output-file.csv
    • This file contains the YADE operation's history details e.g. source_dir, file_name, size etc..
    • The purpose of this file is to maintain a history of GetList operations along side of output file.

The above mentioned files will be overwritten during the next execution of the YADE profile.






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