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JobScheduler Calendars provide a sophisticated method of specifying the days on which scheduling events are to occur. Calendars allow similar levels of complexity to that provided by other enterprise level workload automation applications thereby easing migration to JobScheduler. 

Calendars are lists of days on which Orders, Jobs and Schedules are planned to be executed. Calendars can be defined as either working days or non-working days and can be both combined and reused. An example of Calendar combination would be one Calendar specifying that a normal working week contained the five days Monday to Friday being used in combination with a Calendar specifying the public holidays in the current year. Reuse allows, for example, a Business Day Calender to be defined once and then specified as required.

Calendar Management

Calendars are manged in the Resources / Calenders view of the JOC Cockpit interface. See the JOC Cockpit - Calendar Management article for more information.

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