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The following questions and answers are intended to provide an introduction to the handling of file transfers with JobScheduler. Our YADE (Advanced Data Exchange) applciation may also be relevant. You will find more information about YADE in:

Can JobScheduler transfer files with SFTP to and from Windows and/or Unix hosts?

Yes. JobScheduler comes with "Template Jobs"  for file transfer, JITL - The JobScheduler Integrated Template Library. These are predefined jobs, written in Java which means they are operating system independent. File transfer with SFTP, FTP, FTPS etc. is included. Follow the link to read more about our JITL - JobScheduler Integrated Template Library jobs.

We also have a managed file transfer package, YADE, which provides batch oriented and time or event based transfer with the possibility of recording an audit trail. YADE can be used on its own or together with JobScheduler. 

Can JobScheduler handle archiving of files?

  • JobScheduler uses the YADE JITL job for file transfer.
    • JobScheduler does the scheduling.
    • YADE performs the file transfer.
  • Therefore, the usual archiving scenarios should be feasible:
    • YADE: perform an additional file transfer to an archive server, see Can YADE use multiple destinations for file transfer?
    • YADE: perform operations for moving files when archiving and for deleting files after transfer.
    • JobScheduler: perform archiving at a later point in time by starting the file transfer job once again with a different parameter set for transfer to the archive server. 

Can JobScheduler archive files that have been transferred by SFTP?

Yes. There are operations to move the files from the source during or after transfer to an archive. It is also possible to change the file name, e.g. to add a time stamp.


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