• Shell Jobs can be used for a number of scripting languages such as Bash, Perl, PowerShell etc.
    • Users frequently re-use code snippets across a number of jobs, for example re-usable functions that are called in a number of jobs scripts.
    • This applies to Shell Jobs using Bash etc. and it applies to the use of any scripting languages.
  • Code snippets can be managed by the use of Script Includes that are available as inventory items in the Configuration view of JOC Cockpit.
  • JOC-1170 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Managing Script Includes

Script Includes are managed from the Configuration view for a number of use cases.

Use Case: Global Functions

This use case includes defining functions, e.g. for bash scripts, that can be used across job scripts in a number of workflows:

Use Case: Environment Variables

Script Includes can be used to define environment variables that are used in a number of shell scripts:


  • Use of JS7 - Job Resources is preferable if the only purpose of the Script Include is to publish environment variables to shell scripts.

Use Case: Shebang Replacement

Script Includes can be used as a shebang replacement:


Applying Script Includes

Use Case: Global Functions

Script Includes can be applied to any Shell Jobs. Consider the example of a workflow that includes a Shell Job such as:

The job script in the above workflow looks like this:

Use Case: Shebang Replacement

The above example of a Script Include that hides the complexity of a shebang replacement for PowerShell with Windows is applied like this:

Adding Script Includes to a Job Script

Script Includes can be added to a job script in a number of ways:

  • Users can type ##!include at the begin of a line in the job script followed by the name of the Script Include.
  • When hitting Ctrl+Space directly after typing ##!include then a popup window will offer the list of available Script Includes for selection.
  • The first line of the script editor popup window offers the icon. Clicking this icon displays the list of folders from which a Script Include is chosen and added to the cursor position:


Script Includes can be added to a job script using the following syntax:

Syntax to embed Script Includes
(##|::|//)!include script-include-name [--replace="search literal","replacement literal" [--replace=...]]


  • The first two characters in a line of the job script are: ## or :: or //
  • followed by: !include
  • followed by the name of the Script Include
  • optionally followed by repeated occurrences of: --replace="...", "..."
    • the --replace option accepts
      • as its first argument a literal string to be searched for in the Script Include,
      • as its second argument the literal replacement for the search literal.
    • This option can be included any number of times.
  • Any number of Script Includes can be embedded in a job script.


The following examples show how to apply Script Includes:

Examples how to embed Script Includes
##!include pdScriptBashFunctions

##!include pdScriptBashEnvironmentVariables --replace="/tmp/js7","/home/js7" --replace="/var/myapp","/home/js7/myapp"

Handling of Script Includes


  • Script Includes are embedded at the point in time of deployment of a workflow.
  • Script Includes have to be released in order to be considered for deployment with a workflow.

Change Management

  • If the contents of a Script Include is modified after deployment of a workflow then this change does not affect the deployed workflow.
  • If a Script Include does not exist any longer at the point in time of deployment of a workflow then an error is raised.
  • If the name of a Script Include is modified then this is reflected with jobs in any workflows that make use of the Script Include. A draft which includes the modified reference to the Script Include is created for any affected workflows.

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