• Resource Locks are used to prevent jobs and groups of jobs from being executed in parallel either in the same workflow or in different workflows.
  • Resource Locks implement mutual exclusion, i.e. semaphores, that can be used either exclusively or that can be shared within the limits of their capacity.
    • Exclusive Resource Lock: only one job or group of jobs can hold the Resource Lock at any given time. Any further jobs that try to acquire the same Resource Lock have to wait.
    • Shared Resource Lock: the Resource Lock is assigned a capacity that can be shared by a number of jobs or job groups. Each job or job group carries a weight that counts towards the Resource Lock's capacity.
  • Jobs that wait to acquire a Resource Lock do not consume resources such as CPU.
  • For details see JS7 - Lock Instruction

Feature Video

This video explains how to limit parallel execution of jobs in a workflow.

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