Key Figures

JS7 is designed for performance. There are no hard-wired limits. The key figures indicate the numbers that JS7 has been tested with. They do not indicate a limit.

ObjectsTotal of Orders500 000The overall number of orders for execution of workflows

Total of Workflows200 000The overall number of workflows

Total of Jobs1 000 000The number of jobs available with workflows
ExecutionsTotal of Parallel Tasks per Agent15 000The number of parallel processes running with a single Agent

Total of Parallel Tasks across Agents50 000The number of parallel processes running across any Agents

Task Start Latency5 msThe delay in milliseconds between the request to start a task and the operating system process being started

Performance Factors

  • Controller and Agents make use of all available cores to parallelize threads. A larger number of cores allows better parallelism.
  • Memory usage of Controller and Agents has to be adjusted to the expected parallelism. As a rule of thumb e.g. running 5000 parallel tasks suggests a minimum of 8 GB main memory for each Controller and Agent.
  • Disk speed is relevant for the Controller and Agent journals that hold events for JS7 - Order State Transitions.

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