SOS provides patches in the event of severe bugs or Vulnerabilities.

  • Bugs, vulnerabilities and availability of patches are communicated with the SOS Change Management System.
  • Patches are provided per release. The corresponding fixes are integrated into the next maintenance release and the next minor release.
    • For vulnerabilities in 3rd-party components the Change Management System indicates the download location of the patch and instructions how to apply the patch.
    • For severe bugs or vulnerabilities in JS7 products SOS provides patches for download from the SOS Web Site.
  • The process of patching JS7 products can be automated, for details see JS7 - Automated Installation and Update.

Change Management System

The SOS Change Management System keeps track of any changes including bug-fixes and patches:

  • For example, consider a 3rd-party vulnerability such as   JOC-1229 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • The issue description provides immediate instructions about how to patch 3rd-party libraries.
    • Users download patched libraries from the 3rd-party vendor's site.
    • The issue is reported for release 2.2.1 which can be patched from the instructions provided in the issue description. Subsequent releases 2.2.2 and later include the updated libraries to fix the issue. The patch therefore must not be applied to releases 2.2.2 or later.
  • For example, consider a bug such as  JOC-1235 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • The issue is reported to affect release 2.2.2 and is fixed with release 2.2.3.
    • For immediate resolution a patch file is offered for download. This patch can be applied to the indicated release 2.2.2, it cannot be applied to earlier releases and it must not be applied to later releases.


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