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JOC Cockpit Start-up

Start Script

The JOC Cockpit includes a Start Script to manage the application.

  • The JOC Cockpit Start Script is available for Unix only.
    • The default location of the Start Script is:
      • /opt/ for Unix.
  • On Windows systems the JOC Cockpit is started by its Windows Service.


Running the JOC Cockpit Start Script allows the use of the following commands:

Usage for Unix
Usage: command

Environment Variables

The following environment variables are considered by the JOC Cockpit Start Script;

    • Indicates the location of the JVM, either a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) or JDK (Java Development Kit).
    • When this environment variable is not set, Java will be used from the location specified by the system path.
    • The JAVA_HOME environment variable does not necessarily point to the location of a JDK but to a JRE directory where the bin/java executable resides, for example, if the location of the Java executable is /opt/java/jdk8u202-b08/jre/bin/java then JAVA_HOME=/opt/java/jdk8u202-b08/jre.
    • Specifies Java options, for example the Java memory settings for the JOC Cockpit.
    • Without setting this environment variable the Java options default to the value specified during installation of JOC Cockpit.

Running the JOC Cockpit

  • SOS does not recommend to run the JS7 JOC Cockpit as the root account (for Unix) or as the Administrator account (for Windows) for a simple reason: there is no need to do so.
  • The JOC Cockpit does not execute any jobs as this task is performed by Agents. Therefore any user account can be used to operate the JOC Cockpit.

Starting the JOC Cockpit start

Stopping the JOC Cockpit stop

This command will safely terminate the Controller (recommended).

Restarting the JOC Cockpit restart

Windows Service Interface

The following information applies to headless installation for Windows systems. For installation with a GUI and user dialog see JS7 - JOC Cockpit - Installation Using the Graphical Installer for Linux and Windows.

The JOC Cockpit can be operated as a Windows Service. In addition, a number of management scripts are available:

  • The default location of management scripts is the directory:
    • C:\Program Files\\js7\joc\service

Installing the JOC Cockpit Jetty Service


Starting the JOC Cockpit Jetty Service


Uninstalling the JOC Cockpit Jetty Service


Configuring the Windows Service

The .\service\js7_<joc_service_name>w.exe file is installed along with the Windows Service. This program can be executed to configure the Windows Service.

For example, go to the "Startup" tab
to modify start parameters


  • The JOC Cockpit instance log level can be increased using the JOC Cockpit's Apache ProcRun Daemon Service Manager daemon/service.
  • On  Windows systems, this is installed in the JOC Cockpit instance's service folder with a name such as js7_<joc_service_name>w.exe where <joc-service-name> is the unique JOC Cockpit service name.
  • Users can start the ProcRun Manager, select the Logging tab in the user interface and set the log level to Debug
  • The location of log files is explained above. 
  • Users should consider reverting the log level to its original value once they are finished with debugging.