JS7 offers JS7 - Inventory Git Integration for JS7 - Rollout of Scheduling Objects.

  • The setup of a local repository is explained in the following sections.
  • Git access includes authentication with a Git Server and accessing remote repositories as described in JS7 - How to set up Git Access.

The steps to set up a local Git repository can be applied manually from the JOC Cockpit or from a Git Client and they can be applied by use of the JS7 REST Web Service API.


Sub-directories for Git repositories are located in the JOC Cockpit configuration directory:

  • for Unix:
    • /var/
    • /var/
  • for Windows:
    • C:\ProgramData\\js7\joc\jetty_base\resources\joc\repositories\local
    • C:\ProgramData\\js7\joc\jetty_base\resources\joc\repositories\rollout

The local and rollout sub-directories are used to hold the respective repository types, see JS7 - Git Repository Interface.

The JOC Cockpit configuration directory can be different from the above examples as it is specified during installation of JOC Cockpit.

Setup using JOC Cockpit

The steps for setting up a local Git repository are explained in the JS7 - Inventory Git Integration, chapter: Clone Git Repository article.

Setup using a Git Client

The below example assumes that:

  • a top-level folder Accounting is used in the JOC Cockpit inventory,
  • this folder is mapped to a sub-directory in the file system with the same name,
  • this folder is created when setting up the repository otherwise it will be created by the JOC Cockpit the first time that objects are to be stored to the repository.

There are a number of ways of achieving this with a Git Client:

Example how to set up a local Git repository
# Navigate to the repository sub-directory managed by JOC Cockpit
cd /var/

# Run Git commands
git init
git branch -M main
git remote add origin
git push -u origin main

Automation with the JS7 REST Web Service API

Users who wish to automate the steps required to set up a local Git repository can use the following resources:

The documentation for the relevant cmdlets is available in the PowerShell CLI 2.0 - Cmdlets - Git Repository Integration article.


The example below assumes that:

  • a top-level Accounting folder is used in the JOC Cockpit inventory:
    • the folder will be used if it exists,
    • the folder will be created if it doesn't exist.
  • the folder is mapped to a sub-directory with the same name in the file system,

Example for use of PowerShell cmdlets
# Connection
Import-Module JS7
Connect-JS7 -Url http://root:root@localhost:4446 -Id 'Controller' | Out-Null

# Clone Git repository
Invoke-JS7GitRepositoryClone -Folder '/Accounting' -Url ''

# Connection