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Users frequently ask if JS7 can encrypt credentials. The answer is "no" as it makes no sense to handle a symmetric key that is in reach of the component that makes use of it. Encrypted passwords correspond to the "key under the mat" - they do not provide additional security. However, they contribute perfectly to "security by obfuscation".

There is only one way to securely handle passwords: not to use passwords.

If the use of passwords is required, then consider using a Credential Store. In addition, check if alternative authentication mechanisms such as Integrated Security can be applied.

Credential Store

JS7 supports use of a Credential Store:

Integrated Security

Integrated Security is an authentication scheme based on the fact that the account which a component is operated for is already authenticated by the OS and therefore can access a database without specifying user/password credentials.

This feature is available for a number of DBMS such as: