The JS7 - Daily Plan holds the orders that are scheduled for future execution. Typically orders are added to the Daily Plan for the near future, for example for one week. The orders are submitted to Controllers and Agents and will be executed independently from JOC Cockpit. 

Projections are different from the Daily Plan:

  • Projections calculate order execution for longer future periods. By default a period of 6 months is used. However, this can be prolonged to years.
  • Projections do not hold orders but calculate future start times of orders based on the schedules used in the Daily Plan.




Projections are calculated on a daily basis by the JS7 - Daily Plan Service and are immediately available from the GUI.

The calculation of Projections is performed at the point in time when the Daily Plan is calculated, see chapter Settings.

Monthly View

The Monthly View displays an individual month with the number or periods for order execution indicated for each day.

This provides a quick overview of the distribution of orders across days of week, days of month and for non-working days.


  • Days holding planned orders from the Daily Plan are displayed with a solid background color. Days holding projected orders use a more lightweight background color.
  • The survey date indicates the point in time when the Projection was created.
  • Users can apply the Re-create button to immediately recalculate the Projection.
  • The checkbox for the Inverted Projection will highlight days for which no future execution period is calculated.
    • This feature can be used to verify if non-working days, for example public holidays are considered by the schedules.
    • This feature can be used in combination with filtering display of execution periods to specific workflows and schedules, see chapter Advanced Filter.

Yearly View

The Yearly View displays the same information for all months in a year:

Daily View

From the Monthly View and the Yearly View users can click an individual day to see the workflows, schedules and periods for which orders are calculated to start on the given day:


  • The popup window displays the number of planned and projected periods for order execution.
  • Periods are given from a single start or from a repeated start as specified with the related schedule.
  • Workflows and schedules are displayed with a pencil icon that allows to navigate to the related object.
  • The right upper corner of the popup window holds an input field to filter the periods displayed by a string that is looked up in the name of the workflow or schedule.

Advanced Filter

The Advanced Filter can be applied to limit display of future periods for order execution to specific workflows or schedules:

  • Workflows and schedules can be selected from respective input fields.
  • Users can select individual workflows and schedules.
  • Use of the + icon specifies that all workflows or schedules inside the selected folder and any sub-folders should be used.
  • When both workflows and schedules are selected then the result list will include future periods for any workflows or folders specified.
  • The filtering can be used with the checkbox for Inverted Projection that will highlight days on which selected workflows and schedules will not be executed.


The global Settings page includes settings for the Daily Plan:

  • Projections will be calculated at the point in time specified by the time_zone and start_time settings.
  • Projections will be calculated for the number of months specified with the projections_month_ahead setting (default: 6 months).

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