• JS7 can be operated for containers, for details see the JS7 - Containers article.
  • SOS provides Linux based JS7 images for containers that ship with a current Alpine base image and OpenJDK Java.
    • The Alpine base image is used as it includes up to date security patches to the OS and results in an efficient image size.
    • The OpenJDK Java 11 is used, see the Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap.
  • SOS does not accept any liability for base images including the working of the base image and possible bugs or vulnerabilities. Users who intend to operate the JS7 products in a security-aware environment should create their own images.
  • SOS supports JS7 releases from container images that are publicly made available from Docker Hub at
    • Full Support: Users can build their own container images extending the images provided by SOS.
      • SOS offers "plus" images for Agents that include a recent PowerShell release and the JS7 - PowerShell Module.
      • Users might want to add, for example, scripting languages such as Python, Perl, Ruby etc. to their own images.
    • Limited Support: Users are free to choose their base images and Java versions to be used. However, SOS will not accept any liability for base images nor for a properly working OS and interoperability with the Java version in use. Limited Support includes providing support as best practice, not as a guaranteed service level.
      • The interoperability of JS7 with "official images" from distributors such as Alpine Linux, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian is within the scope of SOS support (see Docker Hub for the definition of "official images").
      • Concerning Java releases: it is strongly recommended that users stick to LTS releases only which include, for example, Java 1.8, 11, 17 etc. Java releases from Oracle, OpenJDK and AdoptOpenJDK are within the scope of SOS support, Java releases from other distributors are not.
  • Users who want to build their own images can use the instructions in the following articles.


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